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18k Gold Paperclip Chain Ch...

Gold Beads Station Choker Necklace

Gold Beads Station Choker Necklace

All-matched & Lightweight for Everyday Wearing!

satellite chain necklace

Women's Simple & Dainty Satellite Beads Chain Choker Necklace Jewelry

Summer is coming soon!!! Are you ready to add this simple and dainty chain necklace to your collection?

We have launched so much sophisticated design jewelry, they are all made with 18k gold plated. The most popular product this year we launched is this satellite chain necklace, another design is plus a lava stone. (Please see the image above.)

If you've been looking for easy and amazing layered looks, this necklace is a must-have. Wear it alone, or with your other favorite chains. A gold beaded choker necklace that not only looks cool but elegant! It's really easy to layer this choker or necklace with other delicate necklaces.

gold choker

satellite necklace
Satellite Chain

This chain is simple but dainty that appeals too many people. It's 18k gold plated, not easy to tarnish.

  • Simple & Sophisticated
  • Dainty & Delicate


-- Satellite chain necklace

Gold satellite chain choker is a beautiful, dainty necklace that will add a touch of gold to your layered look! This is the perfect simple layering necklace for everyday wear, and it looks beautiful layered with other gold necklaces.

  • 16''+2'' extension chain
  • 18k gold plated
  • No charm or pendant
  • Wear alone or layer with other choker
  • Fit all occasions

Wear it Alone or Layer with Other Necklace -- Create Your Own Style




16" Gold Necklace for Women

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